The Suffering Savior

March 26, 2023 00:25:26
The Suffering Savior
Friendship CRC: Sermons
The Suffering Savior

Mar 26 2023 | 00:25:26


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Tim Holwerda Dan Kinnas

Show Notes

As we continue our series through the passion week texts in Mark, we find Jesus in prayer in Gethsemane. While Jesus' suffering on the cross is quite evident, we can already see his suffering here as he prays before God the Father. In this moment, we also see how Jesus will face all that is to come - because he knows it is his Father's will. As Jesus is in prayer in the garden, we are in awe of his enduring all of this for our sake. We also are led to follow Jesus in our lives in the way we pray and face our own sufferings.

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