The End is the Beginnning

April 10, 2023 00:27:23
The End is the Beginnning
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The End is the Beginnning

Apr 10 2023 | 00:27:23


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Tim Holwerda Dan Kinnas

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This Sunday morning, as we celebrate Jesus' resurrection, we turn once more to the gospel of Mark. Jesus' death on the cross seems to be a clear ending of his life and the hope his ministry had brought. But as the women come to his tomb and find it empty and hear the testimony that Jesus is alive, the message is that Jesus' death didn't signal the end, but the beginning of something new. Likewise, as we come to the end of Mark's gospel and hear the call for the women and the other disciples to share this good news about Jesus, we also see that the story doesn't end there, but has just begun. This is the story we are living still today, and through the resurrection power of Jesus, are continuing to tell.

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